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WatchOS 9: New Watch Faces, Features, Release Date and Compatible Watch Models


WatchOS 9
Pic Credit: Apple

During WWDC 2022, Apple unveiled the watchOS 9 update, the most recent version of the watchOS. The watchOS 9 upgrade brings design enhancements, fresh watch faces, and new apps, with an emphasis on improved health and fitness functions.

This article contains all the information you need to know about watchOS 9, including its features, expected release date, and compatible Apple Watch models.

A variety of wellness-related features, as well as the ability to use your iPhone as a keyboard for the Watch, were introduced with watchOS 8 last year. The business has increased its investment in the health-related aspects of the most popular watch in the world this year.


WatchOS 9 features:

During WWDC, Apple gave a first peek at watchOS 9, outlining the changes coming to Apple Watch later this year. Here are some of watchOS 9 coolest new features.


1. New watch faces:

With watchOS 9, like with other significant software updates, there will be a few new Watch Faces, including Astronomy, Lunar, PlayTime face, and Metropolitan.

With the release of watchOS 9, more Watch faces will enable complex complexities, and the Portraits face is also receiving improvements. More photographs, such as those of kittens, pets, and landscapes, now have a depth effect thanks to the Portraits watch face. 

In addition, the Focus mode function may now be linked to a particular watch face, allowing you to set it for a different watch face when in "work" mode as opposed to "personal" Focus mode. The Portraits watch face provides depth effect to additional photographs, including those of cats, dogs, and landscapes.

The Siri user interface also received enhancements.


2. Health App:

In iOS 16 and watchOS 9, the Health app will undergo some changes, one of which is the addition of a Medications section that will allow you to track and monitor your drug intake. They will be instantly logged from Reminders and your wrist.

The Health app can be used to keep an eye on everything, and adding prescriptions will be available by scanning the product label with the iPhone camera.

Additionally, family members will be able to use the sharing tool to assist in keeping track of one other's health.


3. Sleep Tracking:

In watchOS 9, the Sleep Stages function was added to the Health app. It uses heart rate and accelerometer data from the watch to determine which sleep stages, such as REM, Core, or Deep sleep, you spent the most time in.

The Health app on your iPhone also lets you monitor indicators like heart rate and respiratory rate while tracking your sleep over time with comparison charts.


4. Workout app:

With watchOS 9, the Workout app will receive a number of changes, including the ability to turn the Digital Crown to see more when exercising.

The system can distinguish between torso movement and deliver a precise report on training success thanks to Machine Learning (ML) capabilities combined with watch sensors. This makes it easy to design personalized exercises and track the information that is most important for your workout.

Other workout upgrades include Multisport, which alternates between running, cycling, and swimming, the addition of Kickboard (swimming with a float), and several running updates.

The Workout app will also receive improvements to the workout summary and the addition of a new measure called Running Power.


5. Apple Fitness+

Users may get more out of HIIT, Cycling, Rowing, and Treadmill workouts with Fitness+ routines in watchOS by viewing on-screen instructions in addition to trainer assistance.

Users of Fitness+ without an Apple TV can stream their workouts and meditations to compatible third-party TVs using AirPlay. This allows them to use the TVs without an Apple TV.


6. ECG App:

Apple has improved the atrial fibrillation (AFib) alerts in the ECG app and included a new AFib History feature.

AFib patients can activate AFib History to measure their frequency and gain more insight into their cardiac condition. This information can also be shared with medical experts.

WatchOS will now be able to determine how frequently an individual gets AFib over time.


7. Accessibility:

The accessibility features on the Apple Watch are already excellent, but watchOS 9 will add the ability to double-pinch to begin a workout or take a picture.

The QWERTY keypad on the Series 7 now supports more languages, including French, German, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Users can also manage their Apple Watch remotely from a partnered iPhone using AirPlay.


8. Other functions:

Apple updated the Apple Watch's notification system so that narrow banners are less obtrusive when the device is being used. Additionally, Family Setup now includes the Home app, allowing children to operate smart home accessories from their wrists. With a double-pinch motion, users of the Apple Watch can perform more actions, such as starting or stopping a workout, answering or finishing phone calls, and playing or pausing media.


WatchOS 9 release date:

On June 6, 2022, Apple released watchOS 9 for the Apple Watch at its yearly developer conference, WWDC. After that, a beta for developers became accessible, then on July 11th, a public beta became accessible to everyone.

It's likely that the formal release for all newer Apple Watch models won't happen until the fall, or around the same time as the next Apple Watch.

We anticipate a full rollout of watchOS 9 in September 2022 after its June debut and July release of the public beta.


Which Apple Watch models are compatible with WatchOS 9?

WatchOS 9 is expected to be released for the most recent Apple Watch 7, as well as the Apple Watch SE (2020). The four-year-old Apple Watch 3 smartwatch is being phased out and won't work with watchOS 9.

Apple Watches getting the watchOS 9 upgrade include:

·        Series 4 Apple Watch

·        Series 5 Apple Watch

·        SE Apple Watch

·        Series 6 Apple Watch

·        Series 7 Apple Watch

Of course, Apple will pre-load the new watchOS 9 right out of the box on the incoming Watch Series 8.

What do you think of the new features that will be available in watchOS 9? Which one of the new features most interests you?