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The Metaverse Explained: Meaning, Examples, Uses, Pros, and Cons

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Imagine you are meeting your friends and not meeting them at the same time now you will be wondering how is it possible? Have I gone mad or what?  No, probably not. This is the same concept called Metaverse. It is a beautiful concept brought in front of the world by the CEO and founder of Facebook (now Meta) Mark Zuckerberg.


It is believed by professionals that metaverse is the new future, the internet we are using is going to be old-fashioned and soon going to vanish as soon as we enter the new 3-D world “The Metaverse”. From shopping to playing with our friends all is going to be done digitally through the new virtual 3-D world.


There are theories that Metaverse can desocialize people and turn into a bigger problem, we will throw the light on these possibilities later in this post. For now, let’s dive into the possibilities this new 3-D world Metaverse will bring to our lives.


Let’s get started.


Meaning of Metaverse


Metaverse is composed of two words “Meta” and “Verse” meta is a Greek prefix which basically means “beyond”  and the word “verse” is taken from the word “universe”, collectively Metaverse means “Beyond universe”


Metaverse is simply a 3-D virtual world created artificially with the help of softwares and programs in which you can do each and every day-to-day activity which you do in real life. From playing to studying, going to the office to enjoying with friends, everything can be done with the help of metaverse. Metaverse is like your second home or you can say a second virtual life that has no connection with your real life.


In 1992, the term "metaverse" was first used in a science fiction book called Snow Crash written by  Neal Stephenson. In this book, he described a dystopian society in which people are confined to their homes and rooms and spend their days immersed in virtual reality because real life has been destroyed and the outside is no longer habitable for humans so everyone started living their life in a virtual reality world.


In the future, the Metaverse promises something like a technology that would eventually displace the internet and usher in a new era for humanity.


Examples of Metaverse


Imagine on a fine day you thought of going for a beach party with your friends but unfortunately, everything can not be arranged in such a short period of time. What will you do then?  Normally you would have ditched the idea and stayed at home, but this is not the case with metaverse, all you need to do is pick up your virtual reality headset now ping your friends with the plan, get your headset on, and go for a virtual beach party by sitting at home. No arrangements, no spendings on the trip. Just you, your friends and lots of fun.


Now you can consider the case of your office meetings. How easy it would be if you can attend your office meeting from your home that too hassle-free and in a 3-D world. Metaverse brings you that opportunity too. You can even attend your office meetings on metaverse and that too in the 3-D environment.


There are several technologies that tried to implement metaverse in their products. A game named “Second Life” was released in 2003.

This game was playable on a computer, where you could even establish a second life by Creating realistic-looking avatars, exchanging goods and services, buying things, purchasing real-world properties, and meeting people digitally.


However, in recent years, some businesses have attempted to develop their own virtual worlds and metaverses, but Facebook has revived interest in this term.

When Facebook made the decision to rename its business Meta. Declaring their desire to adopt the Metaverse they wish to transition from being a social media firm to one that specializes in the Metaverse.



How can a common man use Metaverse?


Now the question arises, how can a common man use metaverse?

This technology is as simple as we use smartphones today, you just have to put on your VR headsets or glasses and boom! You are in Metaverse.


Additionally, It is predicted that as new technologies advance, these bulky headsets will continue to decrease in size until they finally are equal to ordinary spectacles, using them will be as easy as using normal specs or sunglasses.


An excellent example of these can be ‘Google glasses’.


Pros and Cons of Metaverse


Every technology has some pros and cons as well. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of Metaverse.

Pros of Metaverse


1)   Interact with people from anywhere


The fact that the metaverse entirely ignores geographical boundaries is probably its most notable benefit. Your real location is irrelevant once you enter the virtual world, and you are no longer constrained by it.


2)   Increased business opportunities


The metaverse will probably offer even more opportunities, similar to how social media has helped in the creation of several business opportunities and gave rise to a new type of marketing and advertising on its platforms.


3)   Promoting and enhancing online learning


Learning will be easier than ever due to the metaverse. It is no longer necessary to consider the classroom's actual location. In a practical teaching environment, people from all over the world will be able to share information and knowledge and study with one another in real-time.



Cons of Metaverse


1)   Increased cybercrime


The metaverse still lacks the advanced levels of cyber protection because it is a relatively new idea. Due to this, it is very vulnerable to all kinds of criminal activity, including, but not limited to, fraud, money laundering, child exploitation, trafficking in illegal products and services, and cyberattacks.


2)   People will become antisocial in real life


If people spend more time on metaverse then they won't feel connected to their own society or the urge to respect their own local or regional culture.


3)   Mental health problems


Beyond the social connection, entertainment, and business aspects of the metaverse, there is a serious risk to metaverse users' mental health.


Despite the use of virtual reality in controlled environments to assist patients suffering from schizophrenic symptoms, we cannot rely on the metaverse to be controlled or crafted to assist people suffering from these illnesses.