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WatchOS 9: New Watch Faces, Features, Release Date and Compatible Watch Models

  Pic Credit: Apple During WWDC 2022 , Apple unveiled the watchOS 9 update, the most recent version of the watchOS. The watchOS 9 upgrade brings design enhancements, fresh watch faces, and new apps, with an emphasis on improved health and fitness functions. This article contains all the information you need to know about watchOS 9 , including its features, expected release date, and compatible Apple Watch models. A variety of wellness-related features, as well as the ability to use your iPhone as a keyboard for the Watch, were introduced with watchOS 8 last year. The business has increased its investment in the health-related aspects of the most popular watch in the world this year.   WatchOS 9 features: During WWDC, Apple gave a first peek at watchOS 9, outlining the changes coming to Apple Watch later this year. Here are some of watchOS 9 coolest new features.   1. New watch faces: With watchOS 9, like with other significant software updates, there will be a few new Watch Faces, i

The Metaverse Explained: Meaning, Examples, Uses, Pros, and Cons

  Source:  pixabay Metaverse Imagine you are meeting your friends and not meeting them at the same time now you will be wondering how is it possible? Have I gone mad or what?  No, probably not. This is the same concept called Metaverse . It is a beautiful concept brought in front of the world by the CEO and founder of Facebook (now Meta) Mark Zuckerberg.   It is believed by professionals that metaverse is the new future, the internet we are using is going to be old-fashioned and soon going to vanish as soon as we enter the new 3-D world “The Metaverse” . From shopping to playing with our friends all is going to be done digitally through the new virtual 3-D world.   There are theories that Metaverse can desocialize people and turn into a bigger problem, we will throw the light on these possibilities later in this post. For now, let’s dive into the possibilities this new 3-D world Metaverse will bring to our lives.   Let’s get started.   Meaning of Metaverse   M