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Top 10 Android 12 Features You May Experience In Coming Updates

Pic Credit: Google After nearly eight months of developer previews and betas, Android 12 is finally a finished product. The new operating system is one of Google's most significant endeavors in years, with so many new capabilities and a major design overhaul. If you have a compatible phone, you should be able to install the update. You shouldn't have any big bugs or issues because it's a full release. Google decided to rip up the script with Android 12, entirely reworking some of the visual elements to make it look, feel, and react differently to your onscreen gestures and button presses. Everything you need to know about the new operating system is right here. 1. The stunning new 'Material You' design Material You, a new design approach introduced with Android 12, will be seen throughout all of Google's products, but it will begin with Android. It's Google's new tailored design language, in a nutshell. It is centered around you, as the name suggests. It