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Amazon announced New Smart Home Devices during Amazon Fall 2021 Hardware Event

Pic Credit: Amazon
Amazon made a lot of announcements during its hardware event in September 2021. The e-commerce company presented a variety of new devices, including an autonomous robot, a smart thermostat, and a service that lets you look after elderly relatives while you're away.

We got a brand-new Echo display, additional AI features, and even a robot that appears to be a lot of fun to have around the house. Amazon is definitely aiming to take over the home with a slew of devices designed to keep you secure and connected.

Here's a short overview of all of Amazon's new products and services:

1. Smart Thermostat

The Amazon Smart Thermostat is an Energy Star-certified gadget with a straightforward design that is "reliable with most existing 24V HVAC systems." When you're at home or away, Alexa will automatically adjust the temperature in your home to suit your preferences. Preorders for the Amazon Smart Thermostat are currently available for $59 or possibly less depending on utility rebates.

2. Echo Show 15

The new Echo Show 15 is one of the few other somewhat normal things Amazon showed off. It's the latest Echo speaker to feature a tablet interface rather than just being a small pod with which you can interact, and it gets its name from its 15.6-inch 1080p display.

Multiple persons in a home can utilize the redesigned user interface to opt into a function that builds personalized layouts that activate when the Echo Show 15 identifies their faces through the camera using a feature called "Visual ID." Recipes, shopping lists, picture-in-picture feeds from Ring cameras, and even sticky notes for other people in the house to see later can all be displayed on your personally selected display.

3. Ring Always Home Cam

Amazon is on your side if you've ever wondered what would happen if a Ring camera could fly. Although this isn't a brand-new announcement, Amazon is now accepting invites for individuals interested in purchasing its new Always Home Cam drone. It comes equipped with a 2K camera for video recording around the house and can fly for a few minutes before returning to its charging station. You don't want to miss out on this if you've ever desired a security drone buzzing around your house.

4. Amazon Glow

The Amazon Glow is an excellent video calling device for children. Your children and loved ones can interact like never before thanks to its unique down-firing projector, playing games, reading books, and doing puzzles together. Amazon has also teamed with Disney and Mattel to expand the device's content library. Glow will also allow kids to make phone calls to pre-selected contacts. The Glow costs $249.99.

5. Halo View

The Halo View is a successor to Amazon's Halo, including a display and a seven-day battery life. It has leather, metal, and other bands. Among other health-tracking capabilities, it will include heart-rate monitoring, Halo Fitness training schedules, and a Halo Nutrition personalized meal planner.

6. Ring Alarm Pro

Ring's newest alarm system has two distinct functions: home security and WiFi enhancement. The Ring Alarm Pro is a $249 security camera system that records footage in the same way that older Ring devices do, but with the added benefit of local storage rather than relying solely on the cloud. It also includes an Eero WiFi 6 router, allowing you to improve the internet in your home while also increasing security.

7. Blink Video Doorbell

Aside from Ring, Amazon also has Blink, which provides smart video cameras that can be installed throughout the home. Blink is now releasing its first video doorbell, which can be wired or powered by batteries. For $50, you can preorder the Blink Video Doorbell right now. That's not bad for being able to see a 1080p live feed of your guests and even speak to them with a two-way microphone arrangement. This function is accessible via a mobile app, allowing you to observe your guests while you're out and apologize for not being able to open the door for them.

8. Amazon Astro

Astro is a camera-on-wheels that costs $1,499 (or $999 for early access customers) and can do everything from facilitating video conversations on its tablet screen to delivering intruder alerts to owners when they're not at home. It has a big display with expressive eyes that can also show the present task it is working on. Astro is also capable of navigating about your home without the usage of pre-programmed routes. Astro is an autonomous robot that can walk, see, hear, understand, and act.


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