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Telegram 8.0 update brings unlimited live streams and other new features

Telegram has released a new version that adds lots of new features to its instant messaging platform. While the previous version focused on improving video calling, this one adds unlimited live streams, the ability to remove captions and hide the sender's name when forwarding messages, an updated sticker panel, and more.

Telegram has removed the user cap on group video calls with the latest release. Now, group video calls can be broadcast to an almost unlimited number of people. Viewers can raise their hand in a live stream to indicate the admins that they want to join the broadcast, similar to voice chats.

Pic Credit: Telegram
In Telegram, we now have so-called "flexible forwarding," which allows you to display or hide the caption and sender before hitting "forward." In case you mistakenly tapped the wrong conversation, you can change the recipient from the preview pane.

Following that, trending stickers are now more visible and displayed above “Recently Used” stickers. When your chat buddy is typing or recording a voice message, Telegram already displays "typing..." and "recording a voice message." When the other person is searching for a sticker in the sticker section, the app will now display a "choosing a sticker" indication at the top of the chat.

The option to hop to the next channel is another important addition to Telegram this time. When you reach the end of one channel, a prompt will display that allows you to swipe up to access the next unread channel. If you scroll to the end of this channel, you'll see the same prompt if you have another unread channel waiting for you.

Finally, Telegram 8.0 brings new animated emojis to the platform, as well as a counter for unread comments in threaded responses. Telegram 8.0 is now available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux users.