Saturday, September 4, 2021

Google Drive now supports Offline Mode for All File Types

Pic Credit: Google
When it comes to cloud storage, Google Drive is one of the most popular options. Google is constantly improving the app's overall experience. In a blog post, the company announced the notable update on Google Drive which now supports an offline mode.

Offline access to PDFs, Office files, and images is now available in Google Drive. To do so, the files must first be tagged as offline. Users will be able to open files in their browsers even if they are not connected to the internet.

Back in 2019, Google began beta testing a feature that allowed users to select non-Google file types as being available offline when using Google Drive on the web. Users can browse documents marked for offline viewing even if they don't have access to the Internet.

Everyone can now use the feature now that it is widely available. ChromeOS users may now use their Chromebook to browse the Files app and choose Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides files for offline access.

For ChromeOS users, streamlined file access eliminates the need to launch Google Drive or Docs to make files available offline. Google claims that all users would benefit from the new feature because it will make it easier to access files while offline. Many people value having access to a variety of documents at all times.

When working offline, Google makes it clear that file types such as PDFs, pictures, and Office documents must be opened with apps installed on the computer. For now, only desktop users can access the new feature. Off-line access must be permitted by the domain administrator for users utilizing Drive in an office environment.

Standard users will be able to enable the feature if they really want. The off-line viewing feature began rolling out on September 2, with Google estimating that it might take up to 15 days for all users in rapid-release domains to have full visibility. It will be available on September 14th for the scheduled release domain. In either event, Google Drive Web offline will take 15 days to reach all users.

All Google Workspace clients, including Cloud Identity Free, Cloud Identity Premium, and G Suite Basic and Business, will be able to use the service.