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Apple announced new iPhone 13 lineup with an A15 Bionic Chip, Improved Cameras, and Cinematic Mode

Pic Credit: Apple
The wait is finally over for Apple enthusiasts. Apple announced its new iPhone 13 smartphone lineup on Tuesday, following more than a year of leaks and rumors. All of the iPhone 13 models, including the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max, have been released. The Apple Watch Series 7, as well as the AirPods 3 are now available for purchase.

The iPhone 13 Mini has a 5.4-inch display, whereas the iPhone 13 has a 6.1-inch OLED display. The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max variants have 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch OLED panels, respectively, although the Pro models have a faster refresh rate of 120Hz.

The iPhone 13 bears a similar design to its predecessor, but the Face ID notch on top is 20% smaller this year. The A15 Bionic CPU is featured in the iPhone 13, as well as the iPad Mini, which was announced earlier at Apple's event. According to Apple, the A15 is a 6-core processor with two high-performance cores and four high-efficiency cores. It's made with 5nm technology.

iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini

The new iPhones come in five colors, including a stunning bright pink, with a slightly altered design. When watching HDR video, the display now gets brighter – up to 1200 nits.

The new A15 CPU is particularly noteworthy. Apple claims it is “up to 50% faster than the leading competition,” a dig at Qualcomm's (probably) Snapdragon 888 processor. It also claims to be 30% faster at GPU-intensive workloads.

Apple is making numerous updates and enhancements to the camera. The main camera has a 12MP wide-angle lens with a wider 1.7m aperture that can catch 50% more light, resulting in improved dynamic range and low-light shooting.

The Ultrawide camera has a wider f2.4 aperture, and both cameras have a new cinematic mode.  This is similar to portrait mode for video, except instead of blurring backgrounds to draw attention to your subject, the iPhone can fluidly shift focus between subjects, giving videos a cinematic effect. It's even more clever to know when to alter focus depending on whether your foreground topic is facing the camera or not.

In terms of battery life, Apple claims that the iPhone 13 outperforms its predecessor, although your mileage may vary. The iPhone 13 Mini is expected to last 90 minutes longer than the iPhone 12, while the iPhone 12 will last 2.5 hours longer.

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini are priced at $799 and $699, respectively. As an added benefit, the smartphones now come with 128GB of storage instead of 64GB.

iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max

The Pro models, as predicted, have the same A15 CPU and software features as their less expensive siblings. But they also have a lot more to offer.

The design hasn't altered much, but the phones now have a 20% smaller notch than the lesser models. The phones employ a new, more energy-efficient OLED panel that now enables high refresh rates, which can range from 10Hz to 120Hz depending on how you use your phone.

The Pros, according to Apple, deliver the iPhone's "greatest camera upgrades yet." The primary sensor is the largest Apple has ever employed, and the ultra-wide lens improves low-light photography by 92 percent.

The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max will be able to film in ProRes at up to 4K resolution at 30 frames per second, which is a higher-quality video codec that gives video editors more flexibility when editing footage captured on the smartphone.

The phones also have larger batteries. The iPhone 13 Pro receives a 1.5-hour battery bump, while the iPhone 13 Pro Max receives 2.5 hours of more screen time. The latter, according to Apple, offers the best battery life "ever" in an iPhone.

Like the iPhone 12 series, the iPhone 13 series will support 5G. Apple promises that 5G performance will be improved over last year's lineup, and that it will support 200 carriers in more than 60 countries and regions by the end of 2021.

The 13 Pro and Pro Max start at $999 and $1,099, respectively, and at the top end, there's a new 1TB storage option. They'll be available for pre-order on Friday, September 17, and will ship a week later on September 24.



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