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Fossil Launched Gen 6 Smartwatches with Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 Plus chip

Pic Credit: Fossil Fossil revealed its new Gen 6 smartwatch line-up on Monday, which will be available this fall and will receive Google's new Wear OS 3 in an upgrade in 2022. Despite its original release on an older version of Wear OS, Fossil claims the watch's speedier Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 Plus chip and promised charging speed of zero to 80 percent in 30 minutes. The new watch will be available in two sizes: 42mm and 44mm, and will have several new features such as continuous heart rate monitoring, a new blood oxygen sensor, and speaker functionality (enabling the user to make and receive tethered calls). Other notable features include a 1.28-inch touchscreen display, 3 ATM water resistance (which Fossil describes as "swimproof"), 8GB of storage space, and 1GB of RAM. The watch's battery life, in particular, is a major focus. However, apart from the charging claim, the watch has a number of granular battery modes that range from 24 hours to multip

JioPhone Next rumoured to start Pre-bookings in India from next week

Pic Credit: Reliance Jio The upcoming JioPhone Next is certainly the highly expected smartphone of Reliance Jio, since it was unveiled during the 44th AGM meeting earlier this year. On September 10th, the auspicious day of Ganesh Chaturthi, the budget smartphone will be officially launched in India. According to 91mobiles, the company has begun pre-bookings for JioPhone Next ahead of the launch. Also, it has begun discussions with retail partners about JioPhone Next pre-orders, and further information will be provided with them in the coming days. It will be Reliance Jio's first smartphone to be designed in partnership with Google. As the phone will be available by the second week of next month, it's safe to assume that pre-bookings will begin a week earlier. However, the company has yet to make an official announcement. The features and price of JioPhone Next were leaked earlier this month. The device is expected to cost Rs.3,499 which makes JioPhone the cheapest smartphone i

YouTube Music app for Wear OS is now available but as of now only for New Samsung Smartwatches

Google's YouTube Music app for Wear OS is out now, several months after the company promised to provide one. That's fantastic news for Wear OS users who have been waiting for it since Google terminated Play Music in 2020. However, there's a significant 'but' here: it'll only operate on Samsung smartwatches that run Wear OS 3. Samsung is one of the biggest smartwatch manufacturers, so it must provide a variety of options; however, this isn't the case. The only Samsung smartwatches capable of running YouTube Music on Wear OS aren't even available yet. Samsung's Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic will be available on August 27. Aside from its severely limited compatibility, the app also lacks the ability to stream music. Users will only be able to download tracks on the app, according to 9to5Google's hands-on experience. Furthermore, to download anything, the phone must be plugged in. It also states that most existing Wear OS devices w

Spotify Offline Playback is now rolling out with the latest Wear OS update

Pic Credit: Spotify The Spotify Wear OS app has been updated to allow offline playback as well as downloading songs and podcasts directly to your smartwatch. However, there is a catch. To use the new feature, your smartwatch must be running Wear OS 2.0 or later. Only Spotify Premium subscribers can download songs, albums, and playlists to listen to offline. New Spotify Wear OS Update: Spotify has previously stated that this upgrade will take a "few weeks" to go out, which explains why many people have yet to receive it. The Verge has confirmation from the company that the rollout has started. The Apple Watch has previously received the Spotify offline playback functionality. However, there are a few restrictions to offline playback on Wear OS: Only Spotify Premium subscribers will be able to download albums and playlists for offline listening, according to a Spotify blog. Your watch must be running Wear OS 2.0 or newer to use the feature. Podcasts can be downloaded for offli

Motorola's New Edge 20 Series – Specifications and Availability

Pic Credit: Motorola Motorola's new Edge 20 line-up of phones has been confirmed globally — and while we won't be receiving the midrange Edge 20 in the United States, we will be getting a very similar model known as the Edge, with pre-orders starting on August 23. Here's everything we know so far about each device in this range, including how much they'll likely to cost you. Motorola Edge 20 Lite: The Edge 20 Lite, which is powered by a MediaTek Dimensity 720 5G CPU with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, is expected to be the most affordable of the new Edge 20 series. Like the other phones in this line-up, has a 6.7-inch full HD+ display. It is reported that to include three back cameras: a 108MP main camera, a 16MP ultra-wide camera, and an 8MP lens, as well as a 32MP front-facing selfie camera. With a 5,000mAh battery and 30-watt rapid charging, this is believed to be the most powerful of the bunch. Motorola Edge 20: The Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G chip will pow

Google Pixel 5a 5G Launched with Bigger Battery and Water Resistance

Pic Credit: Google Google launched the Pixel 5a on Tuesday, a new affordable Pixel phone that demonstrates the company's commitment to developing new hardware at a variety of price points. It has a few new features over its 4A 5G predecessor, including a slightly larger screen, a significantly larger battery, and an IP67 water resistance certification. Even if they are little, there are significant improvements to an already excellent midrange phone, and the best thing is that the price has dropped: in the US, it will cost $449, which is $50 cheaper than the Pixel 4A 5G's introductory price. On August 26th, the 5A will be available in the United States and Japan. The Pixel 5A's screen is somewhat larger around 6.34 inches, compared to the 4A 5G's 6.2-inch display. Despite rumours of a faster 90Hz display, it's still a 1080p OLED with a conventional 60Hz refresh rate. The battery capacity has been increased to 4,680mAh, up from 3,885mAh, and Google claims that it wil

Zoom rolled out New Focus Mode to Avoid Distractions

The Zoom video conferencing app is one of the most widely used video conferencing apps. Zoom has grown in popularity among students and in business spaces since the pandemic. Recently Zoom launched a new Focus mode, which it claims will protect students in a virtual classroom from becoming distracted while still allowing the teacher to keep an eye on everyone. When Focus mode is on, participants in a meeting won't be able to see each other's videos or screen sharing, but the host will still be able to see everyone's webcams. It gives you some of the control of Webinar mode without the hassle and lack of flexibility — for example, a teacher could use Focus mode while presenting and then switch it off when it's time for a class discussion. While hosting a Webinar is expensive, Focus mode offers free accounts for testing purposes. The release of this feature comes with the start of the new school year in many districts, as well as the continuing threat of COVID-19. Vi

Facebook adds End-to-End Encryption for Voice and Video calls on Messenger

Facebook is bringing plenty of new features to Messenger users who enable end-to-end encryption (E2EE). With E2EE enabled, you can now make voice or video calls to Messenger contacts, just like you can with WhatsApp. Anyone outside of the sender and recipient, including Facebook, will not be able to listen to your voice and video calls if you use end-to-end encryption (E2EE) option, so it’s like adding an extra layer of security to your voice and video chats on Messenger. You can still report messages to Facebook if required, according to the company. Pic Credit: Facebook End-to-end encryption for text messages has been enabled in Facebook Messenger in 2016, when the company launched a "secret conversation" option to the app. That mode now includes the ability to make phone calls. Messenger now receives more than 150 million video calls every day, according to Facebook, which claims the service is being added as interest in voice and video chats surges. A minor update is bein

Signal’s Disappearing Message feature with Custom Timer

Pic Credit: Signal Signal, the encrypted chat app, has added a few new features for users who want to keep their chats confidential. The messaging app has included a new function that allows users to define a custom timer duration for all messages that disappear. Surprisingly, the feature was unveiled just days after WhatsApp officially launched its View Once feature. Signal, on the other hand, had the disappearing messages feature long before WhatsApp. The disappearing message feature was first introduced by Signal in 2016. Signal has only improved the disappearing messages feature by allowing users to customize it. Previously, users had to arrange the disappearing messages feature individually, but now all group and personal conversations can be preconfigured with a timer. To set a timer for disappearing messages, tap the three-dot symbol and select Settings. Then, under Privacy, look for the option: Default timer for new chats. This menu has nine options: Off, 4 weeks, 1 week

How to add Song or Music to Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are simple to create, but if you want to make them truly engaging, you'll need to put some effort into it. Thankfully, Instagram provides a variety of features to assist you in making your stories as entertaining as possible. Maybe you've got some amazing photos or videos, as well as some cool filters and stickers to spice it up, but your story is still missing one crucial element: music. Instagram adds new songs to their music library on a daily basis. People have been using this feature since Instagram offered the ability to add music to your stories, and now even reels. Instagram plays music from its own collection as well as from your favourite music streaming services such as Spotify, SoundCloud, and Shazam. You've come to the right place if you want to put music in your Instagram Stories because we'll show you how to do it step by step. So, to know more, keep reading. Step 1 : On your Android or iOS device, open the Instagram app. Step 2 : Swipe

Google officially launched new Nest Cameras and Doorbells with smart features

Pic Credit: Google Google has revealed a new line of home security cameras and a video doorbell under its Nest brand, after they were unintentionally listed on the Google Store earlier this week. The Nest IQ cameras and Nest Hello doorbell have been replaced by the new models , which comprise an indoor-only camera, an indoor/outdoor camera, a floodlight, and a video doorbell. The new Google Nest Cam and Google Nest Doorbell are the first battery-powered Nest home security devices from the company. The new gadgets feature a precise design language and more affordable price – each model costs less than the camera it replaces while offering additional features. Anyone who has seen other Nest devices introduced in the last couple of years, such as the updated Nest Thermostat, Nest WiFi, or the Nest Audio smart speaker, will recognize the design of the new cameras. The new cameras continue the company's trend of softer edges and subdued colour palettes, with colour options that are supp

WhatsApp rolled out ‘View Once’ that features disappearing photos and videos

Pic Credit: WhatsApp WhatsApp continues to add new features to the app on a regular basis in order to stay ahead of the competition. This leads to users having access to very useful chatting functionalities. These new WhatsApp chat features may provide new functionality, improve user privacy, or change the interface. Last month, the app began testing its planned multi-device feature with a small group of beta users, as well as end-to-end encrypted backups for a limited time. All users of the app will now have access to a new ‘View Once' feature for disappearing photos and videos. WhatsApp was beta testing the new View Once feature for images on Android, as we previously reported . WhatsApp's disappearing photos feature has finally been implemented in the stable version of the app. The feature works in the same way that Instagram's expiring media feature works. When you use this function to share a photo, it will disappear once the recipient opens it and exits the conversa

Spotify testing new low cost paid tier – Spotify Plus

Spotify is experimenting with a new paid tier called Spotify Plus, which will lie between free and Premium. The good news is that it is inexpensive; the bad news is that you will still hear ads. The Verge was the first to report about the new Spotify Plus plan, which is presently being tested with a small group of users. Spotify Plus is a new low-cost subscription option that combines features of existing free and premium tiers. The plan includes commercials, just like Spotify's free tier, but there are no restrictions on how many tracks you may skip every hour. Users can also choose the songs they want to listen to instead of being restricted to shuffling through albums and playlists. Spotify Plus costs $0.99 per month in one test, which is significantly less than the $9.99 per month Premium tier. Unlike the free tier, Plus allows users to pick and choose whatever songs they want to play and skip. Spotify Plus, like the free version, includes advertisements. The $0.99/month

Telegram now allows 1000 viewers in group video call and many other features

Telegram, a messaging platform, has received plenty of new features and improvements. This includes a higher limit for viewers in group video calls, high-quality video messaging, and a regular video playback speed feature. Among other things, it has integrated screen sharing with sound to all video chats, including one-on-one calls. Telegram group video calls can now have up to 1,000 viewers. It allows up to 30 people to stream video from their camera and screen simultaneously. Users will now be able to record video messages in higher resolution on the platform. A video message can be expanded by tapping on it. In a blog post, Telegram noted that tapping on an expanded video message pauses it and allows you to fast forward or rewind the message if you miss a word. Users can also record video with audio from their device playing in the background if required. When they record with their rear camera, they may pinch to zoom in and capture distant objects or can add a dramatic effect. Pic