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WhatsApp rolls out New Calling UI for Beta Testers

WhatsApp is introducing a new user interface for both audio and video calls; the objective is to make it easier to add new participants and join an ongoing group call.

The new UI is now rolling out as part of the latest WhatsApp beta update, and it looks like it was inspired by Apple’s FaceTime.

The new interface features improved and more visible toggles, as well as a bright white colour scheme. Previously, these toggles were a shade of grey and weren't as easy to use together could cause confusion as to whether the option was on or off.

Those over at XDA Developers shared some screenshots (below), and these changes appear minor at best, but they're significant enough to improve the overall user experience. Take a look at the older toggles below as an example.

Pic Credit: XDA Developers

You'll notice that the toggles are greyed out, making it difficult to tell whether they're on or off, especially when the display is set to a lower brightness. This has finally changed, and you now have access to much brighter, more visible toggles.

Swiping up from the rock bottom row shows the button for adding new participants, which is now accessible with the sound, mic, and video toggles. This makes it easier to add more persons to the decision without having to mess with the device. The old add participant toggle is still present in the top right corner, but we expect it to be removed soon.

You can now hitch group calls after they've started in the current beta. This means that if someone has invited you to a group call and you've missed it, WhatsApp will now display a "Tap to Join" banner under the Calls tab, allowing you to join the group call if it's still going on.

The new calling UI, as well as other changes, are now rolling out on both Android and iOS in the latest WhatsApp beta.