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Twitter for iOS starts testing Downvote button on tweets

 Twitter is experimenting with new ways for assisting users in responding to a conversation. The microblogging site is exploring with a Reddit-style feature that allows users to downvote replies. According to Twitter, the experiment is being conducted to determine what types of responses users find relevant in a conversation.

The regular heart or like button on tweets, which sits alongside the existing comment and retweet buttons, is shown on a promotional poster on the Twitter Support account. However, under a tweet's replies, there are now two additional upvote or like and downvote options, represented by thumbs up and down, respectively.

On Facebook, the similar downvote (read dislike) button on posts or comments has been long overdue, despite the company's addition of the ability to react with several emojis. YouTube, on the other hand, has been providing like and dislike buttons for almost ten years.

Twitter also stated that votes will not affect the order in which people respond. According to Twitter User Researcher Cody Elam, the feature allows "users to privately voice their opinion on the quality of replies without publicly criticizing others while simultaneously providing us with more nuanced feedback."

Downvotes aren't yet visible, while upvotes will be displayed as likes, according to Twitter. Twitter has yet to provide information on its Android availability for beta testers. The company also doesn't appear to be showing the downvote (or dislike) counts. “This isn't precisely a dislike button,” Twitter explains. The thumbs down icon indicates a negative vote in this research experiment, indicating that you believe the comment is irrelevant to the conversation.

We'd like to learn more about the types of responses you find relevant in a conversation and which ones you don't." Downvotes aren't public, and users won't be notified if someone has downvoted their response, according to the company. “Upvoting a reply as part of this test will be treated as a like – you will be notified, and the reply will appear in their Likes page," it stated.