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Snapchat Profiles will now let you Feature 3D Bitmojis

Pic Credit: Snap

Snap announced on Monday that you would be able to pose your Bitmoji character in 3D on your Snapchat profile.

Bitmojis have been a prominent feature of Snapchat profiles since 2017, when they were made the default image within Snapcodes, the QR codes displayed on profiles that link to your personal profile.

Bitmojis on profiles were previously just heads and shoulders within Snapcodes. They're now more visible than ever before. Snapchat users will be able to display 3D full-body versions of their Bitmoji avatars on their profiles starting Monday.

Users may now choose from a variety of positions, such as peace signs or 3/4 turns, as well as backgrounds, such as colourful wallpaper or city scenes, with the new design.

Bitstrips, a producer of Bitmojis, was bought by Snap in 2016. Snapchat has since integrated the configurable, animated avatars into the rest of the app. This includes games in which a user's Bitmoji serves as their avatar, as well as a cartoon series in which each person's Bitmoji served as the "star" of a TV show.

However, the profile glow-up is noteworthy, given that Snapchat has always emphasized the importance of profiles in the app. Snap wants users to share their actual, in-the-moment identities, rather than a static and polished profile, for a slightly philosophical reason.

The full-body Bitmoji can be seen walking down a city street or breaking a move on the dance floor. The little' avatars come to life because of the different perspectives of the postures. While full-body Bitmojis (and outfits) have been available for a while, Snap claims that its "pixar-quality 3D" allows for more features and textures. Snap offers a wide range of personalization possibilities, from skin colour to body type and beyond.

On Monday, the profile changes will be rolled out globally. While you may not notice the change right away, you can access your profile by clicking your Bitmoji in the top left corner of your screen. Then, scroll down to the "Bitmoji" section to change your outfit, edit your Bitmoji, and, of course, "Shop Bitmoji Merch."