Friday, July 2, 2021

Realme Dizo GoPods D and Wireless Earphones Launched in India


Pic Credit: Dizo GoPods teaser on the Vietnamese website

Dizo is a new brand within Realme that focuses on ecosystem and audio products. They launched their first products Dizo GoPods D true wireless earbuds and Dizo Wireless neckband earphones in India at a low price point, leaving Realme to focus on higher-end product lines. Both wireless earphones are Bluetooth-enabled and can be controlled by using the Realme Connect app.

The new Dizo TWS earbuds are designed like Samsung's Galaxy Buds and include features such as passive noise cancellation and deep bass. The earphones are encased in an egg-shaped case with the same colour finish.

The Dizo Wireless, on the other hand, has a neckband-style design for a secure fit. The earbuds are available in four colours: black, blue, green, and orange, and they cost Rs 1,399. During the first sale on July 7, Dizo is also providing introductory pricing of Rs 1299. The Dizo GoPods D TWS earphones are priced at Rs 1,599 and will be available in black and white on July 14. The TWS earphone also has an introductory price of Rs 1,499. Both audio products will be available to purchase on Flipkart.

The TWS earbuds, starting with the Dizo GoPods D, have an in-ear design that replicates Samsung Galaxy Buds. The charging case, according to Realme, can provide 20 hours of total music playback. The earbuds can play music for five hours on a single charge, and 10 minutes of charging can give you 120 minutes (two hours) of playback time. The Realme Dizo GoPods D includes 10mm audio drivers with a Bass Boost+ algorithm for a bass-rich sound and rubber tips for passive noise cancellation. Bluetooth 5.0, IPX4 dust and water-resistant rating, and smart-touch controls are among the other significant features.

The neckband-style Dizo Wireless earbuds, on the other hand, include 11.2mm audio drivers and the same Bass Boost+ technology for deep sound quality. The Bluetooth earphones are only 23.1 grams in weight and provide in-line controls for play/pause music and volume control. The earphones, according to Dizo, can play music for 17 hours and can be charged in 10 minutes for two hours of use. The earphones' battery also takes two hours to fully charge. Passive noise cancellation and an 88ms super-low gaming mode are included on the Dizo Wireless.

The earbuds have magnetic fast pair technology, which turns off the sound when the headphones are draped around the neck. Bluetooth 5.0, an IPX4 dust and water resistance rating, and a wireless range of up to 20 KHz are among the other features. Customers can also use the Realme Link app to customise their devices.