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How to change voice in Google Maps


Pic Credit: Google

We've all used Google Maps to get somewhere, but maybe you're sick of hearing the same voice over and over again.

On Google Maps, you may change the navigating voice in a matter of seconds.

·         On your smartphone, open the Google Maps app.

·         Head to Settings, then to Navigation Settings (which may be at the top on some smartphones).

·         You can then choose between Voice Selection and Voice Search.

You'll be provided with a variety of voices at this stage, including numerous English-language alternatives.

You may make Google Maps speak in a variety of languages, including British English, American English, Australian English, Nigerian English, and more.

Another solution is to change your device's language and then reinstall the Google Maps application.

Google Maps will borrow the language of the device on which it is installed.

So you could change the language on your smartphone, install Google Maps, and then change it back.

Of course, unless you speak French, you'll have a hard time understanding what's being said if you choose anything like French.

As a result, if you're a native English speaker, it's preferable to stick to languages you're familiar with.

Using other English-language options, such as American or Australian, may even be annoying.

As a result, you may become confused, which is the last thing you want when attempting to find your way somewhere new.

In any case, you can switch back to your preferred language at any moment by using above mentioned solutions.