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Facebook testing Twitter-like threads feature


Facebook has been spotted testing a new feature that would allow users to publish a new post that is linked to a prior post on a related topic. The features will be especially useful for public figures since they will link all of the articles together and make them more visually appealing. By viewing the thread of posts, fans can more easily follow any updates over time. When new posts appear on followers' News Feeds, other posts in a thread related to it will also appear.

Matt Navarra, a social media consultant, was the first to notice the feature and has since published numerous screenshots of how it works. Facebook also revealed about testing this new feature with a restricted group of public figures. Public figures are high-profile individuals with a public presence on Facebook who has a specific Facebook Page category.

A View Post Thread button will be included in these threaded posts, according to Facebook. The button will make it simple for followers to navigate and view all of the posts in a thread. Users who click the button will be taken to an area where they may view all threaded posts in one place. However, Facebook has not specified when the test will be expanded to include more persons or other notable personalities. It was also unable to say whether it would expand to other Page categories in the future, such as Facebook Groups or Businesses.

Threads are particularly beneficial on sites such as Twitter, where the character limit is restricted, making lengthy conversations or messages difficult. On the other hand, Facebook posts have a character limit of 63,206 characters, which is equivalent to 225 tweets. Rather than prompting lengthy posts, Facebook's threads can be used to provide live commentary on various events. Users might also change previous postings in a single thread instead of starting a new one every time. However, Facebook is currently just testing the tool with public figures. As a result, it's possible that it's designed to make news sharing even easier.

Without a doubt, Facebook has dealt with a number of disinformation concerns in the past. As a result, government officials and journalists can use the threads to provide context and share information on major news stories.