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Apple launched MagSafe Battery Pack for just $99


Pic Credit: Apple

Apple has discreetly released a new MagSafe accessory for the iPhone 12 series, named "MagSafe battery pack." The new battery pack magnetically attaches to the back of the iPhone 12 (mini, Pro, Pro Max) and costs $99 on Apple's official website with a 5-7 business day delivery time. The only color option for the battery pack is white, and it has a smooth matte texture. It even contains a lightning port that can be used to charge your device. The MagSafe battery pack is also the first accessory that can be charged from any iPhone 12 model via reverse wireless charging.

Previously, customers had to place battery cases on their iPhones in order to use the extended battery. Thanks to the iPhone 12 family's powerful magnets, this battery pack magnetically sticks behind the iPhone 12 series.

MagSafe accessories, such as MagSafe wallet cases that work with your iPhone 12/12 Mini/12 Pro/ 12 Pro Max, were revealed alongside the debut of the iPhone 12 series in 2020. Unfortunately, this battery pack only has a capacity of 1,460mAh, which means it won't be able to fully charge an iPhone. It also uses up to 5W of power to charge your phone, which is slow. When you connect the battery pack to power while it's connected to your phone, the charging speed is increased to 15W.

According to an Apple support page, iOS 14.7 or later is required to use the battery pack with the iPhone 12 series, and the battery pack will simply charge once your iPhone is connected to it. Apple advises charging battery packs with a 20W or greater power charger. You may also charge with a USB-C or USB-C to Lightning cable.

Let's hope there are many more in the pipeline, given that this is the first MagSafe accessory that can be wirelessly charged with the iPhone.