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Android 12: Will let you play games as you are downloading


Pic Credit: Google

Google has revealed that Android 12 will include 'Play As You Download' feature for games, allowing you to start playing a game before it has finished downloading. This might be especially handy for large games, as it means you won't have to wait as long to get into a game and start playing.

This functionality isn't really unique, as it can be found in a variety of platforms other than Android. Play As You Download has been around for a while, with titles including World of Warcraft, FIFA 21, Call Of Duty, Rainbow Six Siege, and a number of other console games.

The feature should work the same on Android 12 as it does on other platforms. By first downloading the essential files which are required to play before downloading the remaining files that aren't as essential to the internal game's experience.

It's important to note that this is not the same as 'Instant Apps,' which allow you to launch lighter apps or games without having to install them. ‘Play as You Download' is a feature aimed mostly for games that are large in size and require a long time to download as a whole.

Developers will be able to test this feature in a beta, according to Google. However, there has been no word of a public beta for end users, so most people won't be able to test it until they have Android 12 installed on their smartphones.

Developers will also need to jump on board and do their work in order to support this feature. Even if Android 12 is out, Play as You Download will be futile until there are games that support it. However, with Google preparing a developer beta, it's unlikely that no games would support the functionality once Android 12 is out, especially given we live in a time when even mobile games download several gigabytes of assets.