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WhatsApp introduces 'View Once' feature to Android beta testers


Facebook is currently evolving into the world of ephemeral texting. After introducing self-erasing images and texts on Messenger and Instagram, Facebook is now bringing this feature to WhatsApp. WhatsApp's Android beta testers have started receiving a "View Once" feature, which removes photos and videos as soon as you view and dismiss them. According to WABetaInfo, you'll know if you have access to the new functionality if you notice a dedicated button (that appears like a timer) in the caption input box.

Unlike WhatsApp's disappearing messages, which vanish after seven days, photos and videos sent with the view once mode is one-time-use only and vanish after you close them. Once your media has been seen, you'll receive an automated notification.

Despite the added transparency of anonymity, there are a few peculiarities to be aware of before diving in. According to WABetaInfo, disabling read receipts will not prevent others from being notified if a view once a message has been opened — but you will not be notified if a receiver has opened yours.

Even if read receipts are disabled, you'll be able to see when members of your group have opened disappearing media. Furthermore, nothing prevents others from screenshotting your conversation without your knowledge.

The view once feature is being rolled out to WhatsApp beta for Android If you're on this version of the beta and don't see the functionality yet, it may be included in a future update. According to the report, this new feature will be available to iOS Beta users soon.