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Samsung to Launch Its New Virtual Assistant: Sam


While virtual assistants have been around for a while, Samsung is expected to introduce a new 3D virtual assistant to the next generation. The company may officially debut this character as 'Sam.' The brand's virtual assistant is currently a 2D character, but when a new dimension is launched, it may return with a new dimension. Like many other firms, the South Korean digital company has officially launched a 2D virtual assistant. The company, however, has opted to produce a three-dimensional variant to take the trend to the next level. The answer is simple: 3D characters are more appealing to the eye. As a result, once Sam arrives, people are likely to forget about Bixby.

Although the character is currently two-dimensional, it has experienced a significant transformation since returning to social media. Samsung's new virtual assistant, on the other hand, will feature additional textures, positions, and expressions. The company's goal is to make its virtual assistant more engaging and modern.

The visual arts production house has issued a statement claiming that more information about the 3D assistant's design is required. In addition, it has teamed up with Cheil Agency to make the character more realistic by combining more design elements.

Sam's clothes and hair now look more realistic thanks to this collaboration. Furthermore, the character's general aesthetic appearance has become more appealing. The identities of the team members who are working on this project have already been published on the website.

Furthermore, Lightfarm has revealed the programmes it is currently employing to construct Samsung's new virtual assistant. Blender 3D, Marvelous Designer, Adobe Photoshop, SideFX Houdini, and Adobe After Effects were clearly used to complete this project.

Who is involved in this project?

The project is currently being directed by Rafael Vallaperde, with Giselle Almeida serving as the art director. Gustavo Rodrigues, the CGI Coordinator, is doing a fantastic job. Jhonatan Lechar and Mayara Sampaio, two 2D artists, are also involved in the project. Weslley Nereu, Jhonatan Lechar, Lucas Falco, and Lucas Falco are among the 3D artists on the team. Rafael Coppola and Ramon Lima, two simulation artists, are also involved in this project. The grooming procedure has been handed to Mauro Lobo and Lucas Falco, who have extensive grooming experience. Weslley Nereu and Viviane Rodrigues have been employed as animators by the company. Mariana Gomes was the producer, and Marcéu Lobo worked on the post-production operations. Bárbara Galvo, on the other hand, was in charge of sales.

What would the virtual character's appearance be like in action?

A test clip of the 3D virtual assistant in operation has been posted by the production firm, which has already won multiple honors. However, this video, which was first posted on Vimeo, was later pulled down. This could imply that Lightfarm chose to design the new character on its own. Unbox, on the other hand, believes that this is exceedingly unlikely. As a result, there's a good probability that Samsung will officially unveil the new 3D assistant shortly.