Sunday, June 6, 2021

Now you can password protect your Google Search History, here's how


We all Google the things to resolve our queries, to get some new information, or to navigate somewhere, to buy something and the list goes all the way long. Google has become an integral part of our lives. So whenever we use Google search or any other Google products (Android smartphone or Chrome browser), like Google Map, YouTube, Google Voice Assistant, etc. the company stores our activity history on its servers to provide better services for us in the future.

The activity history which is stored on the server is accessible to the user under the ‘My Activity’ feature and this activity history can be seen on all the shared devices on which you are logged into. Your Google search history is likely not something you want others to know about, and thus it's imperative to add a layer of security to it.

But now you can password-protect your Google activity history. Here’s how to do it.

·         Open your browser.

·         Go to

·         Sign in to your Google Account if you haven't already.

·         Then Select Manage My Activity verification.

·         Next, a popup will appear that shows some background information about the feature.

·         Turn on Require Extra Verification to password protect your Google Search history, and then Save.

·         Google will then take you to a sign-in page for verification purposes. On mobile, you will be prompted to use other verification methods.

·         Enter your Google Account password or use your screen lock to finish the process.

·         Once it set, the next time you try to access your My Google Activity page, you will head into a verification screen.


To see your Google search history and activity:

·         Go to

·         Tap Verify.

·         Next, you will be required to enter your Google Account password. On mobile, you will be prompted to use your device's screen lock method instead of your Google password.

·         When finished, Google will display your search history and activity.

The newly added feature to the page will now prompt for verification and help protect the browsing history and search activities. Now, "if you turn on extra verification, Google will confirm it's really you before you can see or delete your full history on My Activity," the company said in an update.

"This can help keep your history safer on shared devices. This setting only applies to My Activity. Your history may still appear in other Google products," the company added.