Wednesday, June 23, 2021

iOS users can now easily share tweets as Instagram Stories


Pic Credit: Twitter
Twitter's iOS app has been upgraded to allow users to post tweets to their Instagram Story fast and effortlessly, according to the company. The new experience, which began as a test last year, is designed to assist those who frequently publish tweets on Facebook's Instagram. Users could previously publish tweets on Instagram — or any other social media — by capturing screenshots natively.

The feature is accessible through the iOS share sheet: simply hit the share icon below any tweet and choose “Instagram Stories” from the list of applications. The tweet can be enlarged, repositioned, and enhanced with the image service's standard selection of text, stickers, music, and annotations once it's on Instagram.

The upgrade is only available for iOS users, as the Android version of Twitter does not currently support sharing tweets on Instagram Stories.

Of course, you could always take a copy of a tweet and manually publish it to an Instagram Story. However, the new interface simplifies the process and improves the results. For the time being, it appears to work better with text- and image-based tweets — we tried the feature on a tweet with an embedded video, and it was imported as a static image by Instagram.

It's worth noting that the tweets currently being shared on Instagram Stories do not allow viewers to tap on them to view them on Twitter. This means that Instagram users may be unable to understand the context of the tweets, if any exists. Nonetheless, the upgrade makes it easier to share tweets on Instagram and may help users reduce the amount of clutter in their camera roll caused by several tweet captures.

Twitter's formal integration with Instagram Stories comes after Snapchat implemented similar capabilities last year. Twitter is only making the new sharing function available to iOS users for now, similar to the Snapchat integration, and it hasn't said when it will be available on Android.