Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Apple WWDC 2021: New Features of iOS 15 Coming to iPhones


During Apple's WWDC 2021, the company unveiled iOS 15, which has new features and some major upgrades in Face Time, Notifications, Maps, and Weather apps.

1. FaceTime

FaceTime has got major upgrades in iOS 15 with some useful features such as spatial audio, portrait backgrounds and now even your Android friends can get in FaceTime calls with an end-to-end encrypted video calls. FaceTime now allows you to watch shows or movies, listen to music, and share your screen to browse the web together.

2. Notifications and Focus mode

In iOS 15 the notification shade has been improved. The users with the new iOS 15 can set up a new mode that shows a summary of important notifications which can be delivered at a specific time such as in the night or early morning. The new Focus mode allows users to block unnecessary incoming notifications, hiding distractions without compromise on important notifications.

3. Messaging app

The iOS 15 Messages app now features a Shared With You option that displays links, photos, and playlists in a separate section. Users will be able to pin important messages as well.

4. Photo features

You'll be able to scan text from a photo with your iPhone camera in iOS 15. You'll be able to copy and paste the text into an email, search up further information from the photo, and translate the text into seven different languages.

5. Apple Maps

The Apple Maps has been redesigned with some new features in iOS 15. Apple Maps has received a number of design upgrades that add a lot more information for cities in commercial districts, buildings, and more. Apple is also releasing a number of new transit features, such as detailed directions and information on when to depart.

6. Weather app

Apple has revamped the Weather app, adding plenty of new features and a fresh new look. According to Apple, the new Weather app's appearance varies depending on the weather in your current location. The Weather app now has new dynamic backgrounds, as well as notifications for upcoming rain and snow.

Apple hasn't said when iOS 15 will be released to the public, although the next version of iOS usually arrives in the fall with new iPhones.