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7 Useful Tips and Tricks for your Amazon Fire TV


When it comes to the best media streaming devices, Amazon’s Fire TV tops the list. Amazon offers different types of streaming devices from Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite to the newly launched Fire TV Cube. While we all know the basics of selecting content on Fire TV and watching it on a TV, but maybe some of us don’t know the some additional features that Amazon’s Fire TV offers.

So let’s get started with some of the best useful tips and tricks of Amazon Fire TV to get more out of it.


1. Voice Search

One of the cons which many users complain of streaming device is typing. For searching anything on TV we need to type letter by letter using a streaming device remote. But Fire TV offers a remote with a dedicated button for Voice Search. You need to hold the Voice Search button and ask whatever you want to search and release the button. That’s it you will get the result on your TV screen.

Also, the Voice Search function lets you pause, resume, forward, or play specific episodes using your remote only.


2. Fire TV App

You can control Fire TV using your mobile through the Amazon Fire TV app which is available for both Android and iOS users. This Amazon Fire TV app offers a number of useful features such as entering passwords or other text more quickly using the phone’s keyboard, as a remote control, voice search, and navigation. Please keep in mind, the mobile and Fire TV should be connected to the same Wi-Fi then only you can control Fire TV using the Fire TV app.


3. Echo Speakers for Sound System

Some of the old TV or monitor speakers won’t give the quality audio which we expect. But if you have an Echo device at your home then you can use it as a speaker to get desired audio quality. You need Alexa app on our mobile to connect the Echo device as a TV speaker.

Open Alexa app, tap Devices, then the + button, then Combine speakers and Home theatre. That’s it, now you can enjoy the good quality audio.


4. Web Browsing

You can browse the web easily using Amazon Fire TV and get the desired result for your all queries. All you need to do is search and download the Silk browser app. Once installed you can use voice search or Fire TV app to browse the things you want.


5. Turn off autoplay videos

Some of us have limited internet bandwidth or use mobile data to watch content on Fire TV. By default Fire TV autoplay video trailers on a home screen which generally shows Amazon recommended contents consuming internet data. You can turn off this option, Go to Settings, select Preferences, and then in Featured content turn off the “Allow video Autoplay”.


6. Set up Parental Controls

Amazon Fire TV provides access to Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and play games. These featured apps can show inappropriate content which can be seen by kids in a family. But don’t worry Fire TV also provides a Parental Control feature which provides access to only age-appropriate apps and videos. Just go to Settings, select Preference, and then select Parental Control, and turn on the Parental Control by entering Fire TV PIN. There you can find different methods for viewing restrictions. Turn on or off any methods according to your requirements.


7. Pair Bluetooth headphones for quiet streaming

If you want to watch your favorite movie or series on a Fire TV without disturbing other family members, just connect your Bluetooth headphones to the Fire TV and start binge-watching your favorite content. To connect your Bluetooth Headphones go to Settings, then Controllers & Bluetooth devices, and then select Bluetooth Devices, from there connect your device to finish the sync.

You can also connect wireless controllers such as a mouse, keyboard, and gaming controller following the same process.